High-Quality Affordable Care You Can Trust

Exceptional, All-Encompassing Early Childhood Education For Over 20 Years

High-Quality Affordable Care You Can Trust

Exceptional, All-Encompassing Early Childhood Education For Over 20 Years

Preschool & Daycare Center Serving Marietta, GA

A Mission To Provide Exceptional Childcare

A mind that is fed is a mind that grows. We strive to partner with our students and their parents to increase social awareness, teach critical thinking skills, and develop an attitude of learning that continues for many years to come.

Love, Laughter, And Learning At Our Core

Your child is treated with love in every interaction with our team. Not only is laughter the best medicine, but we’ve found it makes an incredible teaching tool. We seek to show our students that education and personal growth aren’t just important – it’s fun!

Family Owned For Over Two Decades

A loving husband and wife team founded kiddie Kollege in 2004, born out of a love for our community’s children and a desire to see them succeed in the next stages of life. Our owners are on-site every week and have over 16 years of experience with children of all ages.

Affordable Childcare That Meets Standards of Excellence

Our services are affordable for the vast majority of families and are held to rigorous excellence standards. Every family should access excellent childcare and Pre-K programs without breaking the bank, and we work with both the CAPS program and the Georgia Lottery-Funded Pre-K program.

Recognized By The State For Top-Quality Care

Being the proud recipient of this stamp of approval reassures you that we’ve met regulated benchmarks when it comes to education quality, hygiene, and your child’s safety. Breathe easy knowing that you’ve made a great choice.

The MotherGooseTime© and High Scope© Curriculums

Every curriculum choice and activity offered is from a desire to see our students prepared for the next life stage. With a specially-tailored curriculum, a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and an activity slate that is every bit as incredible as our classes, your child’s early education helps them soar.

We Dedicate Our Lives To Helping Your Child Soar

Highly educated and experienced teachers work with your child to ensure they’re receiving the special attention they need to excel in the classroom. Know that you’ve come to the right place and that your child is receiving all the tools they require to flourish.

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