Johnson Baugh Learning Centers

Johnson Baugh Learning Centers

Love, Laughter, Learning

The laughter of a child. The love of a parent. The sense of accomplishment that both parent and child share when a new discovery has been made, when a new piece of information has been learned. There is nothing as important as the education and care of our children, and Johnson Baugh Learning Centers, also known as Kiddie Kollege, wants to partner with parents to ensure an incredible experience.

Ever since we taught our first class in 1986, the mission of Johnson Baugh Learning Centers has been to provide a safe, challenging, and loving environment for every child who comes through our doors.

Whether you’re looking to provide your children with caring and capable caretakers, a high-quality curriculum, or beautiful and spacious outside grounds, we truly believe that Johnson Baugh Learning Centers are the right program to partner with you and your children.

Together, we can ready your child for whatever comes next.